Restricting your diet is often for the reasons of improving overall well being and health of your body. Bacteria in the body is usually not something to be alarmed about, however they can cause nasty symptoms of bloating and abdominal pain if they become too numerous. Having a yeast free diet means cutting off the use of foods with high levels of yeast in them such as cookies, bread, rolls, pastries, rolls etc.

Vinegar also contains a lot of yeast in it and this means one needs to avoid foods prepared with vinegar. These include salad dressing, pickles, mayonnaise, pickled foods, mustard and barbecue sauce. Also to avoid are fermented foods like cider or sauerkraut. Drinks like beer, spirits and wine fall in this category too.

More foods to avoid are moldy foods; for instance, cured bacon, pickled, smoked, or dried meats, mushrooms, cheese and some types of nuts like pistachios and peanuts. There are other moldy foods like malt, prepackaged herbs, teas and soy sauce, including canned tomatoes. Yeast intolerant people do crave foods with sugar which should also be avoided.

This means any kind of processed sugar whether brown sugar, confectioners or granulated. Foods containing sugar such as chocolate, drink mixes, maple and honey syrup and soft drinks should be avoided too. Corn syrup with high amounts of fructose are in this category of what edibles to avoid including those fruits with lots of sugar such as dates, figs, prunes, citrus fruits, raisin and grapes.

Three to six weeks into the dieting process the system will experience a huge reduction of yeast. The system will slowly start to adjust to this condition making you feel and look healthier. This procedure flushes out all toxins in the body creating greater long term and short term reserves of energy. However, side effects like flu weakness, irritability and fatigue might be caused as a result of toxins being dumped into the vaginal and intestinal tracts.

This should not worry you though, because the system will rebound very quickly. Yeast dairy products and sugar should be avoided all through the dieting process for you to maintain good health and prevent reoccurring of body problems. Once you hit the six week mark of dieting small amounts of restricted foods can be consumed but one at a time.

Tracking your body is very important because it makes you able to know the kinds of food that will continue causing you problems. This means you should completely terminate the use of those foods. Yeast intolerant people should take the chance to learn just how to limit the intake of these foods and which symptoms to watch out for.

A yeast free diet can have important health advantages, particularly for those intolerant of the ingredient. You can enjoy yeast free bread even on a restricted diet.