There are over two hundred and fifty eating places and restaurants in Weymouth alone! It is a place of unparalleled beauty, where magnificent views of the sunrise at Weymouth Bay open the day to a busy world of commerce and the sunsets shift to a vibrant night life, full of activity and people. With the number of places to eat in Weymouth, you are definitely in for a journey of gastronomic wonders.

Are you crazy for chicken tandoori? If you are looking for that authentic taste of biryani or shish kebab, or if you are missing the crunch of poppadum when you break it with your fingers, you can definitely satisfy your cravings for Indian cuisine in any of the many Weymouth restaurants where they have long list of authentic Indian recipes. Fill your lungs with the aroma of the spices that will transport you to the streets of New Delhi.

Want to get high with Thai? There are a number of Thai places to eat in Weymouth. There is nothing more sinful than eating a bowl full of Thai seafood curry, or satisfying as the warmth of Tom Yum soup in a chilly evening. If you are new to Thai cuisine though, some dishes can be very spicy. That however, is also a part of the experience.

Eating out in Weymouth really hits its perfection when you sample the great fish from one of the many Fish and chip shops in the town. Being a town by the seaside you can literally smell the freshness in the air, as if the fish jumped out of the sea before your eyes and into the frying pan. Weymouth restaurants have the most spectacular fish to offer and really will put inland fish restaurants to shame.

Looking for sweet and sour pork or shredded beef when eating out in Weymouth there are a number of Chinese restaurants offering the ability to eat in or takeaway. If you are a Chinese connoisseur you really won’t be disappointing your taste buds when trying out what the restaurants in Weymouth have to offer, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of a Beijing restaurant itself.

If Italian or Mediterranean food is your thing then you really must take a trip to Rossini’s Restaurant in Weymouth. Here you will enjoy a soothing atmosphere whilst enjoying the fabulous pasta dishes on offer. Rossini’s not only has Mediterranean food on the menu but also allow you to enjoy a wine tasting session in the Mediterranean ambience of their quality dining experience.

There is no shortage of traditional English pub food. With many of the local pubs serving the nation’s favourite dishes throughout the day and into the evening or maybe you’re looking for your typical Burger place or pizza palace then Weymouth has made sure not to fall short here and offer some great places to grab a quick bite to eat. Also be sure to check out Weymouth party menu

With all the different places to eat out in Weymouth you really can find a place for any occasion. Whether you’re wining and dining someone special or having a birthday bash with friends or just wanting a last minute bite to eat there is something for anyone and any occasion. Now the difficult part is to choose which of all these fantastic restaurants you will dine at tonight.

When eating out in Dorset there is no shortage of restaurants in Weymouth so the only problem is choosing which Weymouth Restaurant you will try first.